Cambria - Moonstone Beach

Things to Do

1.  Visit Moonstone Beach

Cambria is a small town with its beautiful shoreline and small town atmosphere and located  just 15 minutes from Hearst Castle. Cambria is located  along Highway 1 (Pacific Coast Highway) and offers many “stop areas” where you can pull over to a designated parking area and view the incredibly beautiful shoreline .

Cambria  Moonstone Beach is a popular area for hotels and motels with an incredible ocean view . This area is small with limited parking but usually not crowded. Moonstone Beach has a walking path along the shoreline. There are stairs that go down to the rocky beach where you can go into the water or just walk along the beach. You’ll see  beautiful multi color rocks and sea-shells that wash up on the beach.  The water is too cold for swimming but Moonstone Beach shoreline is one of the best beach walk in California. The best way to describe Moonstone Beach is serene. You can either walk the boardwalk pathway that runs along the beach or take the stairs down to the rocky beach and walk along the shore.

The popularity of Cambria is really the small independent hotels and Bed & Breakfast Inns that line this area with ocean views. See hotel info below for suggestions on where to stay. Nearby San Simeon also offer budget hotels along Highway 1 . These budget hotels provide nice accommodations at a very cheap rate so there’s no need to spend a lot of money on accommodations. The budget hotels also make the  perfect overnight rest place for a visit to Hearst Castle. These budget hotels provide a cheap place to stay overnight as you drive the coast exploring California coastal cities and just minutes away from Hearst Castle.

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Moonstone Beach, Cambria

2.  Visit Main Street

The two areas you will find restaurants when visiting Cambria are Moonstone Beach next to the hotels and Main Street in Downtown  Cambria along Highway 1. Prices can be a little steep but if you’re looking for fast food that excellent and reasonable, try Main Street Grill  just off Highway 1 on Main Street. The food is excellent and offers an alternative to the pricey restaurants in Cambria. The better restaurants tend to be located at Moonstone Beach.

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Cambria Main Street Shops

Cambria Main Street Shops


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