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Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park

Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park, in my opinion, is the best place to visit in Big Sur and especially for short hikes.  This state park comprises of 1000 acres of mostly Redwood forest. The park delivers lots of serenity. One day admission for parking is $10. The most popular hike is to McWay Waterfall, which gives you a spectacular view of the valley and the waterfall.  The hike is easy and less than a mile.

What I like most about this state park is the 62-room hotel known as Big Sur Lodge. The rooms are spacious with all the amenities including a nice restaurant and gift shop. Step outside your room and you have access to multiple hiking trails conveniently located near your hotel. Big Sur Lodge also makes a great place for group events or wedding parties.  See Big Sur Lodge for hotel and visit information. Group events or weddings makes the perfect excuse for visiting Big Sur and sharing this beautiful area with friends, family and colleagues.

For camping, the park has 189 camp and RV sites. Cost of campsite start at $35 per night depending on location. A tent campsite makes the perfect place to relax after a day of hiking in this beautiful area. Learn more about park campsites at  Big Sur State Park Campsite

Visiting Big Sur is the highlight of a California visit.  There are lots of hiking trails to explore along with numerous cabins and campsites.  If you want luxury hotel accommodations, then Ventana and Post Ranch Inn is where you want to go. What I love about visiting Big Sur is that you can stay in your car and just take in the natural beauty as you drive along the scenic California Coast.

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Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park - Big Sur Lodge

Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park – Big Sur Lodge

Other Places in Big Sur to Visit

When driving Northbound on Hwy 1 to Big Sur, upon seeing The Ventana Hotel (to the right) and Post Ranch Inn (to the left),  you have arrived to the Big Sur area.  You will soon see the exit for Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park and  other hotels and campgrounds as you continue north. You will leave the Big Sur area northbound as you cross the Bixby Creek Bridge near Andrew Molera State Park

You can visit Big Sur by driving Southbound from Monterey and Carmel.  You will enter the Big Sur after passing Garrapata State Park and several miles later the Bixby Creek Bridge. Keep in mind, it’s easy to cross the beautiful Bixby Creek Bridge and not even know it. If there is no fog, you will see cars parked on both sides of the road with visitors taking photos of the bridge. Be sure to find a safe parking area to take your photos.

As you arrive, you’ll find great places to visit in Big Sur.  Stop at the local restaurants, deli and bakery like Big Sur Bakery ,  Big Sur Deli,  Big Sur Roadhouse,  and  Ripplewood Resort Grocery and Restaurant .  Visiting Big Sur is like a smorgasbord of small resorts, campsites and shops crammed into a relative small area as most of the surrounding area is barren coastline.

Another fun place to stop and visit is the Big Sur River that runs parallel to Hwy 1 and can  be seen from the patio at Big Sur River Inn

Bixby Bridge – Big Sur

Best Time to Visit Big Sur

The best time to plan your visit to Big Sur is after the rainy season.  You’ll get the best deals on hotels combined with good weather from April through May.  Another good time to visit Big Sur is September through October.  The weather is good and you’re not competing with as many tourist. Beware, the summer months from June through August tend to be very foggy and hotels/motels prices are high.

4. Cabin and campgrounds

When visiting Big Sur, you’ll find plenty of cabins and motels.  Cabins are a great way to experience the natural surroundings of Big Sur but most cabins do not have WiFi. You can rent cabins at Fernwood, Big Sur Resort, Riverside and Ripplewood. These same lodging facilities also have campgrounds for tent camping and RVs. See Hotel and Lodging below for more visit  information.

Cabin in Ripplewood Campground - Big Sur

Cabin in Ripplewood Campground – Big Sur

Things to Do
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