Lake Arrowhead, CA

Lake Arrowhead

1.  Vacation Rentals

Actually, the best thing about spending time in Lake Arrowhead is renting one of their amazing vacation homes. Lake Arrowhead is full of beautiful vacation homes and makes the perfect place for a family get-away.  As a visitor, you will not get access to the lake because the lake is private. However, as a vacation renter, many vacation homes give you full access to the lake.

So many relaxing activities to do in Lake Arrowhead. Just imagine sipping cappuccino or your favorite drink and breathing fresh mountain air among a scenic lake and mountain backdrop. Relax with friends and family. Take nature hikes. Shop at the Arrowhead Village.  Experience kayaking or boating on this beautiful lake.

Learn more about Vacation Rentals at   VRBO

2.  Lake Arrowhead Village

Lake Arrowhead Village houses a mix of small boutique shops with its European architecture reminiscent of the Swiss Alps. Lake Arrowhead Village is a great place to spend a few hours to shop, dine or take the Lake Arrowhead Queen Boat Tour.  It’s also a great place to take in the summer concert series  (more details on conert series below).

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Lake Arrowhead Village

Lake Arrowhead Village

3. Queen Boat Tour of Lake Arrowhead

Tickets at:

LeRoys Boardshops
/Lake Arrowhead Queen28200 Hwy 189 Bldg C-100Lake Arrowhead, CA 92352

Ride on the Lake Arrowhead Queen Boat, a turn of the century restored paddlewheel boat used to cruise and tour this beautiful lake. Though Lake Arrowhead is a private lake, the Lake Arrowhead Queen offers one hour boat tours to the public where you learn the history of the lake and see up-close spectacular lake-side homes.  Click online tickets and info

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Lake Arrowhead Queen Boat Tour

Lake Arrowhead Queen Boat Tour

4. Summer Concert Series

During the summer months of May through September, tribute bands play outdoor at Arrowhead Village. Seating on the grass is free but the summer concert series has become a pay venue in recent years.

Tribute bands are musicians that play specific music of legendary bands that are either disbanded or dead.  Typical tribute bands of 2017 were Creedence Clearwater Revival, Huey Lewis, Billy Idol, Oingo Boingo, The Who just to name a few.

You can reserve picnic tables or pub tables and bring your own food and drink. You can also purchase beer and wine from the concert vendors. Either way, you’ll have a good time listening to these bands in the crisp mountain air.  Check out Summer Concert Series for more info.

Summer Concert Series

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Lake Arrowhead Concert Series

Lake Arrowhead Concert Series

5. Camping

Lake Arrowhead sits in the beautiful San Bernardino National Forrest.  The relative seclusion mixed with the smell of Pine, Oak and Manzanita makes camping at Lake Arrowhead an unforgettable experience. The campsites are well maintained and several campsites are within a 20 minute drive to Downtown Arrowhead Village.

If you enjoy camping in a beautiful scenery while breathing fresh pine air, this is the place to camp. Secluded but not far from the lake is Dogwood Campground . Along the north soure of Lake Arrowhead is Northshore Campground

More information on camping at Lake Arrowhead can be found at Arrowhead Camping

5. Blue Jay Village

Known as the gateway to Lake Arrowhead, Blue Jay Village is located off Hwy 189, just west of North Bay Road. It’s a one mile long strip lined with shops, eateries, restaurants and a movie theater.  Blue Jay has that small town mountain vibe that  attracts locals and visitors.

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Blue Jay Village, Lake Arrowhead

Blue Jay Village, Lake Arrowhead

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