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Los Olivos is a very small town 6 miles north of Solvang. Blink while driving and you miss the town but Downtown Los Olivos, just off Hwy 154 (San Marcos Pass Rd.)  between Grand and San Marcos Ave is an incredible relaxing town of wine and dining to visit.

Downtown is 6 blocks wide by 6 blocks long and packed with wine tasting rooms, restaurants and gift shops. It’s the one stop place for wine tasting. The tasting rooms offer local wines from Santa Ynez Valley and nearby Paso Robles, which represent some of the best red wines in the world.

There’s also the very popular craft beer hangout and visit at Figueroa Mountain Brewing Company. During spring and summer, you’ll see lots of people sitting outside in the patio area enjoying locally crafted beer. During cooler months, the party moves inside to table seating.

This region has dozen of local wineries. The area was made popular by the movie Sideways. Normally, you could spend the entire weekend driving to wineries in the Santa Ynez Valley including Los Olivos, but the downtown tasting rooms offers a one stop option for enjoying these world class wines without multiple stops at wineries.

Los Olivos is also home of Fess Parker Wine Country Inn Spa which offers great overnight hotel accommodations, excellent restaurant, spa and an incredible wine tasting experience.

This quiet resort town makes the perfect weekend get-away. It’s made for strolling and wine tasting with a minimum of walking since most of the wine tasting rooms, restaurants and boutique shops are located in a small area that’s 6 blocks long and 6 blocks wide. The Fess Parker Hotel and Spa makes the perfect stay where you don’t even have to leave the hotel to be pampered with wine, gourmet meals, shopping and therapeutic messages.

I like visiting Los Olivos because it’s relatively unknown which keeps this place from becoming enormously crowded on weekends. Come on a weekday and the entire town belongs to you. I also like Los Olivos for its close proximity to Solvang and Santa Barbara.

You can easily visit Solvang and Los Olivos in one day since the two towns are only 6 miles apart. From Solvang, just continue east-bound on Mission Dr. (east of the local Mission) until you reach Alamo Pintado Rd., then turn left (heading north) for 5 miles until you reach Hollister St.  ……  You have arrived. Park and walk from there. The small town is yours to experience.

If you would like to take a break from wine tasting and restaurants, St. Marks in-the-Valley Episcopal Church opens up their beautiful church campus to tourist to rest, use the restroom and contemplate  God’s wonderful peace. They also invite visitors to attend a church service. The staff is warm, welcoming and they encourage visitors to stop and relax. I found this to be different than most churches and very refreshing.

So, the bottom line. Los Olivos offers a terrific hotel resort spa …. Aka …. Fess Parker Country Wine and Inn Spa. Lots of wine tasting rooms (all within blocks of each other) of local wines, excellent restaurants and boutique shops, all in an area of 6 square blocks. You’ll have minimum walking with lots of fun and relaxation.

Download Los Olivos Town Map with restaurants, wine tasting rooms and shops.

Los Olivos CA

Downtown Los Olivos

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