Viansa Winery - Overlooking Sonoma Valley

Sonoma Wineries is a great place to visit and spend the day among the world finest wine region. Take time to explore this 2 Day Sonoma Wineries Itinerary to make the most of your valuable time and resource.



Fly in to:

Sonoma County Airport  
Sonoma to Napa (get rental car)

Sacramento International
Sacramento to Sonoma Valley (get rental car)68 Miles / 1 hr.  9 min drive

San Francisco Int’l Airport
San Francisco to Sonoma Valley (get car rental)65 miles / 1 hr.  7 min drive

Oakland Int’l Airport 
Oakland to Sonoma Valley (get car rental)57 miles / 1 hr.  drive


Sonoma Valley by Train via Napa Train Station

Amtrak from almost anywhere in California.

Sonoma does not have Amtrak Station but Sonoma Valley is 45 minute drive from Napa Valley.

Most Popular Cities to take Amtrak Train to Napa Valley

One Way (Time/Fare) to Napa Amtrak Station:

Note:  time and cost are approximations. Check Amtrak for exact time and cost

San Francisco (3  1/2 hrs. / $35)

Los Angeles (10 hrs. / $70)

Santa Barbara (10  hrs. / $70)

San Luis Obispo (9 hrs. / $49)San Diego (12   1/2 hrs. / $76)

Arrange Car Rental when arriving at Napa Amtrak Station. Here are 3 local car rentals:

Enterprise (they will pick you up at train station)



Taxi or Uber to Avis or Hertz

or  Driving

Click to Sonoma Valley Google Map and Directions

Day 1 – Sonoma Valley Winery – Itinerary

Beautiful Cine WineryBeautiful Cine Winery

Things to Do

Cline Winery

Jacuzzi Winery

Viansa Winery

Cline Winery is my all time favorite winery. Its like visiting the Garden of Eden. Just beautiful. Great wine and great host. Perfect way to spend the days with friends and family. You can even reserve a lunch table and bring your own lunch or buy lunch at the winery

Across the street form Cline is Jacuzzi Winery. That’s right, the same Jacuzzi that manufacture the Hot Tubs and Saunas. The Jacuzzi family started their business in the aviation industry. You’ll learn all about this Italian family amazing business journey when you visit their beautiful winery. They also have olive oil tasting and the best winery gift shop that I’ve ever been to.

Viansa Winery is also next door to Jacuzzi and offers a spectacular view of Sonoma Valley.

Day 2 – Sonoma Valley Winery Itinerary

Buena Vista Winery - Tasting RoomBuena Vista Winery – Tasting Room

Things to Do

Buena Vista Winery

Dry Creek Winery

One of the most beautiful wine in Sonoma is Buena Vista. The tasting room is exquisite and they offer free wine tours.

Dry Creek Winery is 45 minutes to an hour drive from Sonoma. Dry Creek Winery is located in Healdsburg which is northern Sonoma Valley. The winery has great wine and beautiful facilities without the weekend crowd. The farther you travel north from Sonoma, the less crowded the wineries become. Dry Creek also has a beautiful garden to explore.

Hotels Recommendations

The Lodge at Sonoma Renaissance Resort & Spa

Kenwood Inn and Spa

Best Western Sonoma Valley Inn

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