Did you know you can go to beautiful resorts in Germany and Spain with free food and accommodation taken care of?  All you have to do is enjoy talking, I mean lots of talking. There is company that specializes in creating a unique experience for European professionals needing a total English immersion experience and that’s where you come in.

Professionals in Europe who most likely do business in English speaking countries and therefore need to be fluent in English participate in 8 to 10 day immersion program where they are surrounded by English speakers and the only language, they can speak is English.  Even if you’re a bilingual volunteer, speaking the participant’s language is highly discourage because this is a 100% emersion program, and the tension needs to be there to communicate 100% in English.  By the end of the immersion program, paid participants feel more confident in their use of the English language. Keeping in mind that most paid participants speak good English, they just need a one-week immersion program for practice.

What does this mean for you?  Essentially, a paid vacation at a beautiful 4 to 5 Star hotel in a beautiful setting. Your requirement as a volunteer is to speak with the paid participants.  Activities are planned for the entire day so every day is different and activities are focused on communication.  Yes, you may be required to talk 12 to 15 hours per day, but you get a chance to meet lifelong friends in a fun, social setting doing what some people like doing the best, talking.

What company makes this type of arrangement and how do you become a volunteer participant? The company is Called Diverbo and they are a premier company that provides a fun, relaxing environment for their paid participants to enjoy the week practicing their English.  Most paid participants are in jobs that require them to be fluent in English and this program is good and fun way to improve their English-speaking skills.

What are the characteristics Diverbo is looking for in their volunteer English participants?  Well, here it is:

  • Talking, talking & more talking – in one-to-one & group activities.
  • Speaking your own personal, raw and authentic style of English.
  • Encouraging students to speak & correcting their mistakes.
  • Being patient and supportive to help the students gain confidence

If you are a very social person who loves to talk, why not sign up to be a volunteer. You will stay in a beautiful area of Germany or Spain in upscale hotels and surrounding.  But there is more than just getting a free trip, most participants say they make lifelong friends from volunteering and that the experience was outstanding.  You would think that talking 12 to 15 hours in one-on-one or group activities would be too much, but most people report that it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and that Diverbo staff is constantly mixing the schedule up so that everyday is fun and full of activities. You will not be bored plus you get the opportunity to stay free in upscale accommodations.

Some of the Activities include:

  • One-on-one Walks
  • Relaxing in the hotel lounge
  • Sipping coffee whenever it is a good time
  • Group games
  • Icebreakers
  • Theater Skits
  • Group Walks

Meals are excellent in a fabulous setting that helps enhance the social atmosphere and creates an environment of friendly discussion groups. Dining on good local food is important to the program and free to you.

Many of the native English Speaker Volunteers come from around the world such as Australia, Canada, UK and other parts of Europe, so you get to meet and mingle with a wide variety of participants both volunteer and paid.

What’s required of volunteers?

  • English only. If you’re bilingual, don’t speak in the participants native language
  • No cell phones during activities (most of the day). Only during free time
  • Be punctual. There are lots of activities planned and for the program to run right, you need to be on time.

What are you required to pay for?

  • Airfare to Madrid, Barcelona or Munich.  (see my post of using credit card points for free international travel)
  • 1 night of hotels stay before program begins.  You will need to fly in one day early before program starts
  • Any Accommodation after the program ends.  This program presents a great chance to continue exploring Europe after the program ends since you are already there

What Diverbo Pays for

  • Food and Accommodations during the program days
  • Transport to and from the venue
  • Medical and accident policy during your stay

What is Diverbo looking for in English Volunteer Participants?  They like to choose from different English accents, professions, backgrounds, and ethnicity, so here it is:

  • You must love to conversate (may be require up to 15 hours of conversation)
  • Patient and supportive helping language learners
  • Have lots of stories and experiences
  • Have an intellectually stimulating character

What is the process for attending?

  • Complete the application and be thorough. Diverbo is looking for a good fit for their program so make sure you answer all questions required in the detail needed.
  • Confirm dates you will be able to attend.  This is important.  If your planned dates and profile matches what Diverbo is specifically looking for then you will be offered a spot
  • Once offered a spot, immediately book your transportation and at least one-night accommodation
  • Once travel arrangements are booked – Send to them
  • Show up.  They are counting on you to attend so make sure you stick to your commitment
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