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Want a way to travel for free internationally as a tour leader without putting every detail of the trip together? Partner with YMT travel and let them worry about the details of the group tour and billing. You get a free trip as a Group Lead. Your job as Group Lead is to promote the trips to your friends, get an idea of how many people would like to take the trip. Send out a newsletter about the details of trip that you can get from YPT twice monthly.  You can even send out a newsletter about the sights you will encounter just to generate interest and get people to complete the trip transaction. 

If you can get 14 paying adults with YPT tour, you get a free trip as the Group Lead.  If you get 10 or more, then you get $100 per person off your trip. What a great deal when essentially all you’re doing is generating interest and getting an initial group of interested people together. Promote the trip through your email and let YMT do the rest.  These trips are led by expert guides and all accommodations are taken care of.  So, find interesting places that you and your friends would enjoy traveling to and plan your trip 6 months to a year before the proposed travel date.

Explore a destination

YMT provides group travel with a tour guide. They take care of all the details so all you have to do is enjoy your vacation with all the details worked out for you.  YMT provides guided tours across the world plus guided tours in the U.S. like the popular National Parks, Alaska, Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta plus the Southwest. International travel includes Italy, Spain, Portugal, Peru, Ireland, Germany and France.  Just about anywhere you want to visit, YMT goes there. YMT also has land and cruise tours, so if you like cruises, you get the best of both worlds for your travel experience.

Discuss with friends about a group tour to destination to explore interest

As Group Leader, you are responsible for generating interest among your friends and family. You need 14 paid travelers for a free trip or YMT will pay you $100 per person for 10 travelers and over.  So, you need a minimum of 10 travelers but the goal is to recruit 14 or more for a free trip.  The other great thing about YMT Tours is that they are very reasonable.  The average 10 day trip cost about $3400 per person including airfare, accommodations, taxes and fee. YMT takes advantage of group rates and pass the savings on to your group.

Start the conversation about your trip. Take for example traveling is to Italy, Tuscany area. Ask friends and family about their interest in the trip and give them an approximate cost.  It all starts with generating interest among your friends and family.

Go to YPT Tours to Sign up and Get a Customize Travel with Cost

Once you have enough prospective travelers, go to YMT Tours and sign up for a customize trip with cost.  The trip customization is where you get the real interest. Once you tell everyone about the details of your trip, you will get much more interest in the trip. Because you need a minimum of 14 paid travelers for a free trip, strive for 20 travelers knowing that the drop rate will give you 14 travelers.  Even if you fall below the 14 travelers, you still get $100 per person so at the rate of $1500, your trip (minus airfare) is almost paid for anyway minus airfare and taxes.

Create a free Facebook Page for travel (Optional)

Facebook pages are easy to setup and you can setup your Travel Facebook Group page. This is where you include all the details of your trip including cost. Friends and family can post questions and you can answer via Facebook.  To create your own Travel Facebook Group page, see Instruction for Setting up Facebook Group.

Create One Page Web Blog on Go Daddy (Optional)

Use Go Daddy to start your travel blog page about your upcoming trip.  You can start your page for free or minimum cost. You can add weekly content that includes Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).  Send everyone to your Go Daddy Travel Blog as this will also help generate much interest in your trip. Give the booking details on your site so people know where to pay for the trip and a phone number where they can ask details questions about the trip.  Go Daddy Blog page is super easy to start.  Just go to Go Daddy Blog or view the video on starting your own blog page.  See Instructions on starting blog or Go Daddy Website Builder  

Create a Meetup Platform for additional Interest (Optional)

If setting up blogs and web pages seem to complicated, how about setting up a Meetup Group page for your trip.  The Meetup Group allows other people to see your trip and details and possibly join you.  If you are worried about getting more paid travelers, use the Meetup platform to promote your trip.  Starting a Meetup group is easy and very inexpensive.  Learn more about starting Meetup Group.

You can even use your Meetup Group to gather interested travelers together at a coffee shop or restaurant to discuss the details of the trip.

Send Weekly or Every other Week Updates on trip by Email or Free Newsletter

You can also keep friends and family updated on your proposed trip by sending weekly emails to your travelers.  Email is a good and easy way to keep everyone informed about the trip on a regular basis and if you’re not comfortable setting up blogs, then sending regular emails to friends and prospective travelers is by far the easiest way to promote your trip and give everyone details on the upcoming trip. Make sure you include the YMT booking link so that your group has the booking link to pay for the trip.

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