Catalina Island

Catalina Island

Get away from it all at Catalina Island located only 22 miles from Los Angeles. This island is only accessible by ferry boat or air transportation. Most people take the Catalina Express from Long Beach and in less than 90 minutes, you’re there.

After a quick breakfast or lunch in Avalon Harbor, take one of the many tours Catalina has to offer. You will experience the remote areas of the island with wild buffalo and boars. It’s all here at Catalina.

Catalina also has many hotels for overnight stays and even a hotel in remote section of the island known as Two Harbors.

Whatever your choice, you’ll enjoy spending the day on Catalina.

Things to Do on Catalina Island

Catalina Island - Avalon Harbor

Catalina Island – Avalon Harbor

Catalina is an island that sits about 22 miles southwest of Los Angeles. The two main entry points for tourists are Avalon and Two Harbors. Most people visit Avalon where there are plenty of eateries, restaurants and shops in a very small area.  Avalon offers fun touristy things to do like the Glass Bottom Boat ride.  Catalina has its own Casino that is not active. This island once hosted a very active casino and was the destination for the wealthy. Today, tourists visit Avalon by ferry every hour on the hour. Large cruise ships (Carnival) stop at Avalon Harbor on their way to Mexico.

The other entry point of Catalina is Two Harbors, which is a tranquil and remote area of Catalina that is not very busy. Two Harbors is where you go to get away from people and just enjoy the hiking trails, peace and quiet that this island delivers. Now, this is opposite of Avalon which is extremely busy on weekends were ferry boats arrive hourly with lots of new tourist.

The best way to enjoy Catalina after arriving in Avalon is to visit the eateries or restaurants. Then take a guided tour. Catalina is full of guided tours that will take you around the island. The tours varies based on your interest. Click SEE TOURS  to decide what you will do.

Most people arrive by ferry from either San Pedro Harbor or Long Beach (by Queen Mary) via Catalina Express. You can also catch the ferry from Orange County via Dana Point Harbor.  Air transportation is available by helicopter from Long Beach (heliport adjacent to the Queen Mary) to Catalina but it’s expensive form of transportation, although very fun.

When you visit Catalina, be sure the tour takes you to Airport in the Sky. Catalina has its own airport at the very top of the Catalina Mountain. A small, private airport serves Catalina general aviation community and they have a great cafĂ© there called DC3 – Airport in the Sky.  Several of the tours stop at the airport restaurant where you can take breathtaking photos. Catalina is known for its wild Buffalos. You will see many of them on the tours through the rugged wilderness of Catalina. 

Again, Catalina is best experienced by tour bus, so take any of the TOURS that interest you and enjoy. Otherwise, you can just come to Catalina by ferry, have lunch and walk to a few eateries on Avalon or take a swim on the beach and return later in the day via Catalina Express Ferry. There are many hotels on Catalina in Avalon, so overnight stays are easy in Catalina. I suggest you make your stay during a Weekend. Weekdays at Catalina can be a little dead.

Hotel Recommendations

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